About our Center

About our Center

The activities carried out at the Center resulted in a substantial volume of data that was used in the completion of a broad range of research projects, BA, MA and PhD theses.

Until 2011, the Center was headed by Prof. Emil Vespremeanu, PhD, who was succeeded by Prof. Georgeta Bandoc, PhD.

In 1972, Professor Emil Vespremeanu established the Coastal Environment Quality Testing Laboratory at the Faculty of Geography, which in 1977 became the Coastal Research Laboratory and finally, in 1995, was named the Center for Coastal Research and Environmental Protection.


With Decision no. 21 of 10.01.1995, the Rector of the University of Bucharest, Prof. Emil Constantinescu, PhD, in accordance with the provisions of Government decision no. 57/1992, pursuant to art. 161 of Law no. 28/1978, decided “the establishment of the Center for Coastal Research and Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Geography on 01.10.1995”.

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